Jake Fucking Bass Baby

bonesofmylife: Hey! I just dressed as Jake Bass for Halloween and it was so fun (and sexy). I don't know exactly what you're looking for but I was intrigued by your post! Let's chat? :)

Oh cool =) It’s a general RP on facebook where I roleplay Jake. I don’t roleplay him irl, (although that would be fun lol) I was looking for someone who enjoys writing as much as I do and who is quite good at it to join me as one of his fellow Cockyboys. Preferably Ricky Roman. Thank you for responding though, you’re the only one that has lol =) 

I recently joined a roleplay as Jake Bass and was looking for other Cockyboys to join me. If you would be interested in this, message me and we’ll chat. I don’t have a specific pairing that I ship, so am fairly open, but I do have a general idea of who I like together. I look forward to hearing from you guys, have a good day~ Message me!!!

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